Pilates Mat Instructors Course

As you are settling into the starting blocks, we would like to assure you that you are at the right place, doing the right thing at exactly the right time; NOW!

You will be starting on a brand-new journey of discovering a new passion for movement, gaining knowledge of the body, Pilates repertoire and how the body acts and reacts while in movement, the do’s and don’ts of teaching and so much more. You might just have taken the biggest leap into your future as a lover of movement; loving what you do even more and getting all the information and guidance to be the instructor who stands out in the crowd.

The Pilates Mat Instructors courses have been developed and are presented with so much passion and know-how, that you will not leave empty handed, empty brained or in the least bit empty hearted!

At times you might feel a little overwhelmed with all the information you are receiving, but don’t fear, support is here and you can always refer back to your ONLINE COURSE as a refresher.

Feel free to contact us at any point at education@physicaliq.com if you need any assistance while studying.

This is a warm environment where you are constantly learning. We have a passion for client-specific training and educating our students.

Apprentice hours: We would like to urge you to do your apprentice hours as soon as possible, the more you do, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more of an amazing instructor you will become!

Theory Learning

Click here to download your Theory Manual for the course. This will be complemented by videos which can be accessed in the following modules.

Online Learning

This course is essentially online. However, we have a large amount of video content available, which will aid you greatly in learning key practical concepts.

These video sessions are best accessed after reading through and summerising the relevant section in the theory manual. After this, the video sessions will help to reinforce key concepts.

Practical Learning

You will be required to complete the following as a part of your practical learning:

  • 40 Observation Hours
  • 40 Practical Exercise Hours
  • 40 Practical Teaching Hours


These hours will need to be completed with a qualified Pilates Instructor. Further details on completing your practical learning can be found in the Mat Course Guide.


There will be 2 examinations for the Pilates Mat Instructor Course:

  • Theory Exam: This is an online exam, and covers all the work in the theory manual. It is a 2 hour multiple choice exam.
  • Practical Exam: This will be video submissions to a Dropbox folder along with a body assessment form. You will upload 4 videos in total:
    • Body Assessment
    • 30min Pilates Class
    • 12 Exercises
    • Body Basics Oral

The guide to filming and uploading can be found in the Mat Course Guide.

The pass mark for both exams is 70%. Examination reattempt fees do apply.


Once you have completed all the course components listed above, and have been deemed competent and/or passed all the required components, you will be issued with a certificate.

Please note that a digital format of the certificate will be sent to you, followed by the physical certificate via courier. Courier fees do apply.