Group Exercise to Music

Welcome to the ‘Exercise to Music’ Course!

To give you an idea of the course we will first look at an “Overview” of the course requirements.

Section 1: Aerobics Hi\Lo Master Class

  • ETM formats and styles
  • Teaching styles and methods

Section 2: Step Master Class

  • Exercise technique – static/dynamic posture; safe/effective movement; modifications
  • Music / phrasing

Section 3: Boot Camp / Core Master Class

  • Communication – verbal-nonverbal; coaching; voice; motivation
  • Technique core specific

Section 4: Pump Master Class

  • Stages of learning
  • Modification regression\ progression
  • Class design\ preparation

Section 5: MMA Master Class

  • The “fun factor”
  • Special needs
  • Practical opportunity students
  • Technique “tidy up”
  • Audio equipment

Section 6: Professional Conduct

  • Practical opportunity students
  • Assessment procedure
  • Recap


Design and take a minimum of 20 group training classes (more are advised), under the supervision of a qualified group training instructor.

Please use the following document as a logbook. Ensure that it is completed correctly, with each class signed and dated.

This document can be uploaded in the quiz.

Group Training Instructor Logbook


ETM – MMA Master Class

The “Fun Factor” Fun/Authenticity/Connection We should able to apply “fun factor” connection techniques to participants, the work out, and the music, to enhance experience for participants. This is what we…

ETM – Pump Master Class

  The Learning Processes and Stages of Learning From a young age, you will have adopted a process of learning new skills. When you think about it, when it comes…

ETM – Boot Camp Master Class

Communication/Voice/Coaching Skills To lead our participants through an effective and safe workout we should be able to assess the fitness levels of the participants and teach accordingly. So how can…

ETM – Aerobics Hi/Lo Master Class

Popular Exercise Sessions: Formats and Class Designs Aerobics hi/lo, step aerobics, pump, shape & tone classes, Zumba, indoor cycling, combat, boot camp, Pilates and yoga, ab attacks and core training,…

ETM – Step Master Class

  In this section we will look at what it means to maintain safe posture and execute correct technique of movement when we exercise to music. The understanding and implementation…

ETM – Portfolio Tasks

Complete the portfolio tasks by clicking on the link below, and uploading the required documents for assessment